We were photographers when we married in 2004, and have been working together, capturing incredible images of all aspects of weddings, since 2009. When we are not taking pictures, we love to spend time together with our two gorgeous daughters, socialising with friends, spending time with family, enjoying good food, good wine and of course good company.

We love creating images that will thrill, inspire and take your breath away. Photography is our passion and we love our job, working with people creating beautiful, personal and real images. Some of the other things in life we adore:


Photographer in charge of the photoshoot

Sarah x


  • my husband and my two beautiful daughters
  • people and what makes them tick
  • sunshine and holidays
  • espresso ideally in martini's
  • friends, couldn't live without them!
  • red wine and sambucca
  • prawns, pasta and curry (not necessarily together!)
  • exercising especially zumba dancing, running and step aerobics
  • to laugh and people who make me laugh.

and a couple of things that I really don't like:

  • rude people, it costs nothing to be polite and smile.
  • whiskey (much to Marco's joy)

Marco x


Sarah wrote hers first . . . . so now I'm really under

  • the three women in my life (1 wife plus 2 daughters)
  • my family and friends
  • italian football . . . especially Inter Milan . . .
  • teaching (been involved in photo education for 23 years now)
  • single Malt
  • road cycling
  • cappuccino in the morning, espresso mid afternoon
  • views from the top of mountains, fells, peaks, dales etc
  • wine

and a couple of things that I really don't like:

  • sand on my towel at the beach
  • people who spell whisky wrong!

the lover,
the beloved, and the adventures they have

Jane Smiley




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