about the salottis

Hey there, welcome to our little slice of life! We’re Sarah & Marco a dynamic duo who are not just partners in crime but also partners in capturing life’s beautiful happy times. We’ve been where you are – although it was quite a while ago, and things have massively changed in the world of weddings since we tied the knot in 2004. 

Our journey began in different corners of the creative world – think newspaper photography meets artistic exploration – but fate (or maybe a shared love for the art of storytelling) brought us together. This sounds so romantic and actually it wasn’t!

Our first date wasn’t exactly glamorous – it was over a shared milkshake at a Little Chef – but it was the start of something special. Our second date in Rimini, Italy sealed the deal for Sarah (I’m a sucker for holidays).

Life has had its share of twists and turns for us, from joyous milestones to navigating loss. We’ve experienced the bittersweet truth that life is too short, having lost people incredibly close to our hearts. Life’s too short to sweat the small stuff, so we try our hardest to approach each day with a smile, a dash of positivity, and a whole lot of gratitude.

The two photographers that will be in charge of the photoshoot
The two photographers that will be in charge of the photoshoot

Our two incredible daughters constantly remind us that life’s true beauties are found in the everyday moments of laughter, learning, and love. Sarah wasn’t too great at the labour bit of having babies, but we’ve surpassed ourselves raising them. They are both strong independent beautiful women, living their best lives studying and travelling the world. 

One birthday, I begged Marco for a dog—it was all I wanted! We had been looking after a family friend’s dog, Herman, a border terrier, for short periods, and I absolutely adored him. Finally, in 2019, the timing was just right, and that’s when Basil joined our family. He’s the cutest boy ever, with his unique quirks and adorable personality, bringing so much joy and love into our lives.

Life isn’t just about work; it’s about savouring the simple pleasures too. As a couple, we have a relaxed vibe and don’t take ourselves too seriously; give us good food, a glass of wine (or two), and some great company, and we’re in our element. Whether it’s swapping stories with friends or simply enjoying the quiet moments together, we believe in soaking up every bit.

Photographer in charge of the photoshoot

about Sarah

My adventure in Sierra Leone: Back in 2001, I was a newspaper photographer, and I got sent to Sierra Leone with the RAF and army. Can you believe what worried me the most? The crazy long flight! I was young and naive, but wow, what an adventure!

Espresso Enthusiast: I used to hate coffee, but a few years ago, I discovered espresso martinis and realised I actually liked espresso. Now, I kick off my mornings Italian-style with a daily shot of espresso, a delightful change for someone who once disliked coffee.

I love breaking up my editing days with weighted workouts and spin sessions at my local gym. In 2016, I challenged myself to run the Great North Run, a whopping 13 miles! Why? I did it to raise a shit load of money for Alzheimer’s charity. This cause hits close to home because my mom battled Alzheimer’s from too young an age. It’s a cause that’s very dear to my heart.

Aussie Soap Opera Fanatic: When I was younger, I was obsessed with Australian soap operas. I’d go to extremes to catch every episode, even recording them while on holiday. Australia still holds a special place in my heart, even though I’ve never been there…yet.

Photographer in charge of the photoshoot
Photographer in charge of the photoshoot

about Marco

I love Frito Misto! Born into an Italian family on the West coast of Scotland my fave things are; Irn Bru, Vino rosso, Haggis, espresso, fish and chips, homemade pasta and good olive oil. Bliss.

Whisky Tales: Let me tell you about whisky and my dad’s persistent gift-giving. For years, he bought me bottles, even though I hated whisky at that time and couldn’t bring myself to tell him. Now, I’ve developed a taste for it and appreciate those early gifts more than ever.

My first proper gig? It was The Specials, Selecter, and Dexy’s at Carlisle Market Hall. What an unforgettable experience that was!

Being a photography lecturer at Leicester College still gives me a buzz, even after over 25 years of doing it. I love sharing my passion and knowledge with aspiring photographers.

Let’s talk football! From Carlisle Utd to Nottingham Forest and Inter Milan. Still playing 5-a-side football although I’ve “retired” about a million times as there aren’t enough Ibuprofen the day after a game. But hey, the love for the game never fades!

a little video of our past couples talking about us!

amazingly stylish art

“Sarah and Marco were our eyes; they captured moments we don’t even remember, they captured moments we didn’t actually see, they captured moments which appear to be too quick for the human eye! They captured moments so discreetly and spontaneously and we see an array of amazingly stylish art and talent because of this.”


If you like what we do and want to talk about having us at your wedding, get in touch!