Scrivelsby Walled Garden in Lincolnshire Wedding | Katherine & Simon

We had originally met Katherine and Simon when Kat was bridesmaid for another couple of ours Phillipa + Liam a couple of years ago. She caught the bouquet! So to get the email saying that they were getting married was brilliant news.

This was a totally laid back and chilled out wedding and no matter how much planning goes in to create a day like this ultimately it comes down to the couple themselves. Simon & Kat are a truly adorable couple with Kat being one of the most relaxed Brides ever. Nothing phased her, not even a broken zip (or two!) and that beaming smile stayed on her beautiful face all day long. 

The magical Scrivelsby Walled Garden in Lincolnshire is so well hidden that when checking out the place a few days before I drove past it twice and then had to call Kat for help! A unique intimate space with stunning natural backdrops. Every element of the day was inspired and designed around the idea of bringing the beauty of nature and the outdoors, inside. And they did just that. Apples collected from the trees were used as place names, a wonderland of foliage crawled up the beams and warm homemade cider was served as guests arrived. 

The ceremony itself took place in St Benedicts, the estate Church which with no electricity was purely lit with window and candle light. They tied the knot and became husband and wife in a gorgeous service where they were given time away from the congregation and a few minutes alone down at the alter. Dancing up the aisle and out into the elements into a cascade of confetti. They then walked their wedding party the short walk across the field into the walled garden, their base for the rest of the day and night.

What an amazing day you gave us! Thank you so much for inviting us to be part of it. We really don’t need to ask but we do hope that your apple-y ever after was everything that you wished for. Lots of love for a super happy future together. xx

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