Marquee wedding at home in Hough on the Hill, Lincolnshire | Verity + Nick

Friends and family rallied around to help Verity and Nick have the most perfect wedding day. The amount of love and support were shown for the happy couple was mighty impressive.  Set around the stunning grounds of Verity’s family home, the day was a ball of fun from start to finish. With 15 or more bridesmaids and flower girls, flowers from the gardens were collected and arranged into unique bouquets for the bridal party and Verity’s mum put together a gorgeous array of flowers for her daughter’s bouquet. Nick was with his equally large Groom’s party at the village pub literally round the corner from the church where the service was to be held. Wearing in her words a “Mary Poppins ” inspired dress, Verity looked stunning and her flower-patterned bodice was particularly on theme. In a beautifully emotional yet fun service, they tied the knot and exited the village church after an impromptu performance of “All you need is love” choreographed predominantly by the Bride’s sisters; music was a huge part of the day. Nick then whisked his new wife away in a Porshe, driving through the village back to the house and marquee for one hell of a party! Brilliant speeches including one from the bride herself, DIY Pani Puri, bagpipes, napkin waving, and views to die for. The endless fun continued into the evening with face glitter a plenty and the whole dance floor bouncing as everybody joined in with the first dance “On top of the world”. Great first dance choice that reflected the demeanour that Verity and Nick’s displayed all day. On top of the world also turned into a physical reality when at 9.30pm in the dark and torrential rain they climbed up to the top of the marquee and kissed. What a way to finish my day!

You two were the best . . . totally smashing it! Thank you for such an amazing day. I have managed to write this whole blog post without really mentioning the weather, but you know what, you two proved what I often preach which is that you can have the best day regardless of the weather! Wishing you a gorgeous lifetime of happiness together Mr + Mrs Kelly xx.

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