Keythorpe Manor in Leicestershire Wedding | Raveena & Sebastian

We don’t quite know how the summer ended up in the rearview mirror but someone somewhere has definitely turned the heating down! Only two weeks ago on the last day of August, the sun was beaming down and still had a lot of intensity to it. We were up in Leeds for the wedding of Camilla & Joe; a beautiful day at Oulton Hall. Our first time at this grand 18th Century mansion and we loved exploring all the classical charm of the place. This wedding had a slightly different vibe to it, as it was both a celebration of two people madly in love and a massive leaving party as the newlyweds are just about to move to New York. These two don’t do things by halves, what an adventure!!

Joe and his Groom’s Party looked impressively relaxed in the perfect reception room surrounded by candles galore, a white rose backdrop and beautiful flowers by Mrs Bouquets. The stunning Camilla, who looked amazing in her Provanias gown and Valentino shoes, descended the open staircase and entered the room with her Dad and Bridesmaids.  As you can imagine every part of their day had an emotional under current; but don’t for one minute think that it was all tears, so much fun was had by everyone!

Ever since we met with Camilla & Joe at their pre wedding shoot we knew with all the exciting plans that they had in store, and, their amazing chemistry, that this day would be pretty damn special. We weren’t wrong!

We hope you had the best day ever and it is just the start of an amazing exciting time. Thank you so much for letting us play our little part in everything! We wish you so much happiness in the Big Apple! xx

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