Hindu ceremony Wedding in Coventry | Heena & Nimesh

Round 2 and over to Coventry to photograph Heena and Nim’s Hindu ceremony. We always look forward to these celebrations as the colour, energy and detail never fails to surprise us. Sarah met up with Heena at the couples home where she was patiently and skilfully transformed into a princess. The mendhi, jewellery and fabrics so rich in pattern, texture, and form; beautiful. Nim meanwhile was at his family home where Mum, Dad, relatives and friends all contributed to a meaningful departure from his parental home. Prayers, rituals and the driving over a coconut saw the Groom depart for the venue to be greeted by a growing crowd of well wishers. Family and friends contributed further to the building anticipation by participating in sequential phases of ceremony leading to Nim’s entrance into the Temple. With guests seated, food was served leading onto further ritual involving both sets of parents. We love the tradition of the groom being screened so he can’t see his beautiful wife enter and walk down the aisle. The holding of each others hands, the feel, the touch without seeing each others happy faces and then the reveal. The ceremony was an abundance of poignant traditions from generations gone by. The love and emotion surrounding the couple were evident to see especially at the end of the afternoon as Heena said her goodbyes to her family; tears. With it raining heavily outside the option to go outdoors to photograph the gorgeous couple in their Asian attire was out of the question so we made the most of a small room upstairs in the conference hall . . . it just shows with all the glorious colour, details and happiness not a lot else was needed. 

Such a perfect couple and two perfect wedding days, that we had the honour to be part of. We will miss photographing your smiley faces! 

Wishing you such a happy future together Mr and Mrs Chauhan! Lots of love xx

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