Keythorpe Manor in Leicestershire Wedding | Catherine & Ollie

The wedding of Catherine and Ollie; wow . . . well what can we say about this day. Maybe best if we let the pictures do the talking. This sneak peak preview was a real struggle to edit down!

Our pre wedding talk through suggested that both Bride and Groom were going to be surrounded by their nearest and dearest who would provide a lively and full on environment. Ollie had already told us about a special bottle of 30-year-old Port purchased by his Uncle in the year he was born. More of a surprise, was Catherine’s family insistence that the Bride drinking a glass of whisky on the morning of her wedding was a tradition. Brilliant!

With the Groom, his Dad and the team ready they made the short walk through Market Harborough to The Swan, handily located right next to the Church. The Bride and her entourage were a little late getting to Church but everything was cool. Catherine looked a million dollars walking down the aisle to her awaiting husband. The anticipation in the church was immense. The service was perfectly delivered by a lovely priest who delivered a beautiful ceremony with a nice touch of humour. The service concluded with the newly weds lighting a candle together and Ollie punching the air. Result!

Arriving at Keythorpe slightly earlier than their guests gave the couple a chance for a bit of “them time”before their high spirited guests arrived on mass on two London buses. The one thing we particularly love at weddings is watching people and picking up on all of the different characters. After some mingling shots, we took a quick detour to visit the deer, it had to be done, with the newlyweds “Mr & Mrs Dear”. Events then moved into the splendidly styled marquee. After the Wedding Breakfast there was speeches, tears, laughter, and a jaeger bomb machine. Late on into the evening just as the speeches were coming to an end, the sun was setting out to the front of the marquee and we took the opportunity to get a few group shots walking through the fields, the bridal party were in good spirits. I’m so pleased we did :). Caielgh music and a packed out dance floor continued in abundance.

You make an amazing couple with a great sense of energy. Thank you Mr & Mrs Dear for inviting us to share the epic story of your day. It was truly fab. You both looked fantastic and we wish you a happy forever after.  Xxx.


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