Donnington Hall Derbyshire Wedding / Claire + Alexander

Our second treat of a wedding over the August Bank Holiday was Claire + Alexander’s big day at Donnington Hall. Like all weddings a lot of effort and planning went into the day but with them living miles away in the village of Hook,south of Reading and organising a wedding in Derbyshire, I know things were a bit more difficult. The day had arrived and there were smiles all round as the sun shone down. We were so happy for them both and the one thing we clearly could see about this day, was the joining together of two families. 

It’s not very often . . . like never, that you discover that the wedding venue used to be the Groom’s ex place of work! Donington hall a beautiful stately house next to the Priest House in Castle Donington used to be home to BMI and at that time the groom along with his Dad worked there. Until that Sunday I didn’t even realise this grand place even existed. I could definitely see why they had chosen it for their celebrations. Claire also works in the aviation industry so it was a no brainer to incorporate their love of flying into their details. Airplanes were everywhere . . . on the invites, the place names, the flowers . . . and being so close to East Midlands airport they flew over head all day.

The knot was tied in not one but two beautiful ceremonies in the old chapel part of the building. The first involved a blessing surrounded by family and friends. A couple of things we particularly loved was the godparents involvement with pouring colourful glass stones to combine them with a lasting memory and a last hug to each of their mums before they became husband and wife. Cue tears. If there was any tension or nerves in the room they were soon obliterated when the singing started! The second ceremony added registrars and sealed the civic side of the marriage. With white walls and sun streaming through the stained glass windows and the addition of a visit from a beautiful butterfly it was a photographer’s dream.

Bride and groom mingled with their guests seamlessly before being whipped away in their open top Bentley for a tour round Castle Donnington, stopping for a few opportune photographs. Loved it. Back at the venue, and after dinner we climbed the spiral staircase to the rooftop of what felt like a Castle, an opportunity definitely not to be missed and so pleased that Alexander + Claire joined me.

Your day was full of colour in every way. You looked so happy enveloped in warm sunshine, surrounded by loving family and friends. Hope you had the best day ever. Wishing you a happy life together. xx

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