Exton Park in Rutland Wedding / Lydia + Mark

Lydia & Mark’s wedding was set in the beautiful estate of Exton Park, Rutland. What a stunner! There were a lot of firsts for me during this day; the first time at this beautiful venue, first time I have ever seen a bride arrive before half of her guests and the first church service where the priest poured a pint of bitter and handed it to the bride to drink!! Mark’s Best Ban dutifully gave a helping hand. The large country estate has it’s own church and it was in here that they tied the knot in a splendidly relaxed service.  

As an August wedding, Lydia and Mark (not unrealistically) had been hoping for a summers day, but August has not been too kind so I think they were just praying for no rain! Their prayers were answered and the wet stuff stayed away meaning that they could lead their guests from the Church through bucket loads of confetti to the lawn for drinks, canap├ęs and good old fashioned games. I love shooting weddings like this but the real reason I love these images so much is that Lydia & Mark were so happy and content for me to photograph in a natural and candid way. Time seemed to fly by, but we did just about manage to sneak off for some cool portraits against a  backdrop of ruins before the party started. And boy they all sure knew how to party!

The two of you never stopped smiling all day and just got on with being happy. It was an absolute joy to be part of. Thanks a million for having me as your wedding photographer and for you and your families welcoming me with wide open arms. 

I wish you an amazing future together . . . and I think you’ll find that “love actually is all around”. Definitely was on your special day at Exton Park . Magic. 


Special thank you to the amazingly talented Whites Fine Foods who looked after me so well and fed me the most delicious food (perk of the job!) x

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