Kelmarsh Hall in Northampton / Becky + Ryan

Becky & Ryan’s wedding day was super chilled from start to finish helped along by a calm bride and an easy going groom. Their service and reception were both held under the beautiful roof of Kelmarsh Hall. As a measure of their calmness, even the delayed registrars, who arrived after the bride, didn’t phase them one bit. They just went with the flow!

Once it kicked off, their ceremony was an emotional rollercoaster with tears, singing, a poem read by Becky’s mum, written by her dad. We particularly loved Ryan’s coping mechanisms to get him through these emotional parts of the day; deep breaths and bigging himself up did the job!

We explored the beautiful grounds of Kelmarsh Hall, creating some gorgeous portraits of the newlyweds whilst their guests mingled and played games on the lawn. Their evening started with Mr & Mrs Jackson owning the dance floor, a choreographed first dance, the two of them looking blissfully happy as golden evening sunlight poured through the windows. It had been a few weeks since I’d seen sunshine like it and boy did I make the most of it. Cue a beautiful sunset opportunity over the lake. 

Happiness and love flowed around you all day long. Hugest congratulations to the two of you. We hope you had an amazing adventure on your honeymoon and long may they continue! xx

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