Natalie + Matt – Engaged

These two get married tomorrow!! So excited for them and their big day at Mythe Barn in Warwickshire.

I met with them a few weeks ago at their local Watermead Park. It was a warm and lovely evening as we strolled around the pathways of this park. Such good fun to have their wee cheeky chappy Leo in tow. Anybody who has had a todder in their life knows that in situations like this you really have to just let them do what they want. So that is exactly the way we played it! From feeding the ducks to playing football, to balancing on a wooden beam on the water’s edge, it was all done with fun and lots of laughter!

A really great opportunity to get to know you all a bit more, such a fantastically chilled out and relaxed couple . . . I wish you all the happiness and love for your big day TOMORROW!!

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