Morgan + Kane – engaged

These two get married in June at the beautiful Keythorpe Manor. Last month I spent a couple of hours with them mooching around Pitsford Reservoir. I know water and animals are two of the things they love, as well as each other. Pitsford was a great choice for them . . . I love the calmness of the water and the rich golden palette of the images, we saw a few animals but other than swans they didn’t make much of an appearance in the shots. The magical thing about wandering around a new location is discovering that surprise backdrop. Towards the end of the shoot on the way back to the car, we found a small gathering of trees much like a secret wood, beautifully sheltered from the wind and cushioned under foot by the fallen pine needles.

You were both a joy to photograph and it was lovely getting to know you more in preparation for your wedding day in 10 weeks time!



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