Andj & Nik – engaged

One Saturday a couple of weeks ago I met again with Andj and Nik. The last time I had seen them both was probably a good year ago when they booked me for their wedding in August. For their pre wedding shoot they chose Swithland Woods, a location that they had spent a lot of time at when they first met, and one close to their home.

All together we explored the pathways and muddy grounds of the woods, wandering and wondering at times where we were as we walked and talked. Throughout the shoot Andj and Nik gave me glimpses of the fun element within their relationship and that was lovely to see. I loved the colours surrounding us and their choice of clothes palette worked well especially with the odd splash of red from Andj.

Footwear wasn’t so great for Nik as he hadn’t had the luck that Andj had by having wellies in the boot! There were times on route where he had to head off the long way round and we would see him when he got there!

Thanks for spending a couple of hours of your Saturday morning with me; it was a lot of fun. You also reintroduced me to the delights of Swithland Woods and have since been back at least twice!

Next stop . . . your big day in summer, can’t wait, sounds like it’s going to be fab! xx


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