Katie & Jonathan – married

October in Derby with one of the most ‘right for each other’ couples . . . .  Katie and Jonathan. Really just gorgeous; handsome man meets pretty woman. They tied the knot in what can only be described as a beautiful wedding at St Edmunds, Allestree Church. Katie got ready in her family home with her sisters and bridesmaids who gave her the biggest surprise of all,  a 1930’s car. Jonathan readied himself at the couples home, with his groom team, his son Oscar and Mum all adding to the atmosphere. Many of the guests gathered in the pub , handily located 100 yards from  the Church. What followed was a meaningful service with Bride and Groom clearly enjoying their time in church as the congregation witnessed the joining together of the new Mr and Mrs Handford. Following the service everyone took a short drive to the unique venue of The West Mill, interestingly located on the banks of the river marvelling in its past industrial glory. Really engaging location that has been brought smartly up to date.

Everything about your day was beautifully considered and presented from the smallest details to the ebb and flow of family, friends, laughter and fun. Clear to see that this perfectly reflected both of you. You were awesome and so so right together. x . We loved every minute of it, thank you so much for including us in your journey. xxx.

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