Phillipa & Liam – engaged

Phillipa and Liam get married next September and knew instantly what and where they wanted their pre wedding shoot to be. They live in a part of Nottingham called The Park and love it especially in the autumn when the leaves are falling from the trees. One Sunday a few weeks ago I hooked up with them and went on a fantastic tour of the beautiful victorian estate. Wandering through the streets, we headed to the Park tunnel. It was impressive with it’s large arches and textured walls. It was a great place to start the shoot and Phillipa and Liam instantly relaxed and were fun to be with. On a sunny autumnal morning it was fab to be able to use the gorgeous effects of the light. With the leaves falling from the trees it wouldn’t have been right to ignore them, walking down the street kicking and throwing them at each other just had to be done.

It was lovely to meet the two of you again, I had a brilliant morning with you both. Thank you for showing me the delights of The Park and your love for each other. I can’t wait for your wedding next year!



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