Holly + John – Engaged

With just 10 days to go before their big day I met up with Holly and John at their venue of Wethele Manor. We wandered around the grounds, chatting, and finding interesting areas of the land to use as a backdrop. Particularly loved the wooden pods where we started our shoot. As a 16th century house surrounded by acres of land in the Warwickshire countryside we made the most of these glorious surroundings before the light diminished. As we strolled through the grounds, we could see gardeners working hard to clear up the autumnal leaves that had fallen from the trees. Finding a big pile of them, we wouldn’t resist jumping in to them. Something deliciously childlike about this. Holly and John felt the same making for some great pictures; I was also told that it made a comfy and cosy seat!

It was so lovely to meet the two of you. You have a really great sense of togetherness and fun. Looking forward to your wedding day this Saturday back at Wethele Manor. I can assure you I won’t be asking you to sit in a pile of leaves but if you do I’ll definitely be there with my camera! xx


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