Lydia + Mark – engaged

Lydia and Mark get married in the summer of 2017 and booked me a couple of months ago to be their wedding photographer. With Lydia being a teacher they chose to make the most of this summers weather and get their pre wedding shoot in nice and early. With Stamford being Lydia’s hometown, I met the couple at Burghley Park an area that I have never been to before. We started off by gently walking and talking but not before too long I had them climbing up and clambering over various obstacles in the park. It’s not everyday you stumble across a huge sculpture of a crescent shaped moon. Have a look at the shot of Lydia and Mark in front of the gate to the Lion Bridge. Both told me of their challenge to each other about squeezing through the gap in the wrought ironwork. It wasn’t something I fancied trying to do myself, so sensibly the choice was made to use the small gate to the side and the two of them made it safely on to the Lion Bridge for some photographs! One of the dangers of walking in any park is what lurks underfoot; Lydia in flip flops had to be doubly cautious! Smiling and laughing she handled it well.

It was a gorgeous summer evening and you were beautiful to photograph. Take the love and laughter with you to your wedding day and it’ll be fab. Thank you for inviting me to Burghley Park, there was even a rainbow at the end of the shoot; pretty special. xx

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