Anna + Kev – Engaged

I often encourage my couples to choose a location for their engagement shoot that is personal or means something to them, (it can be quite tricky to think of somewhere). When Anna told me about the yard where her horses are kept, I knew it would be the perfect place for their pre shoot. Home from home, I met with Anna and Kev one warm Monday evening in August amongst some fields at the back of a road, you wouldn’t of even known was there. Having given them the thumbs up for the shoot, I hadn’t properly thought about the implications of having two horses, two dogs and a couple to photograph all in the same place! It was interesting, in the nicest possible way. Some of the animals wanted to play ball more than the others and when I suggested we tied the horses up so that Anna and Kev could get a bit closer  without them, Tenor, the white one, saw the opportunity to get free and legged it! (scroll down and you’ll see one picture of him happily galloping around the field.) The dogs Toby and Theo were a lot more accommodating and pretty much came back when called, unless a rabbit was on the run across the field! I’m pleased to say that the rabbit made a sharp exit for safety when he could.

Thank you for a lively and amusing shoot, I loved it, although at the end of the two hours I had no idea what I’d shot. Anna and Kev you relaxed into the whole thing so well, your love of horses and each other was clear.  You were up for everything I suggested and I’m really pleased with the images we created. I think it may have also cured the tiny fear I had of horses! It was lovely to get out to the countryside for an evening but being the city girl I am, deep down it was good to get home.

See you on Friday for your Wedding Day Image xx


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