Holly & Ash – married

The thing I loved about this Monday summer wedding was that it felt like Holly and Ash had chosen to get married exactly the way they wanted to. This resulted in a relaxed intimate affair held in the beautifully manicured grounds of Belgrave Hall, a city centre venue that brings with it a touch of countryside. Holly’s styling of herself had an essence of a Bohemian bride, wearing a nude pink Grecian long dress, tiny plaits in her hair and gladiator flat sandals. She looked beautiful. The groom looked dapper in his grey mourning suit. As well as this pair, there were two mini VIPs, each of their children playing key roles as bridesmaid and best boy. As you can imagine, the day was hugely important and emotional day for them as they became one family unit. It was clear that family meant the world to them. Many weddings have a relaxed and happy vibe but this day took it to a different level, I’m not sure whether it was the Monday feel of no pressure or the summer garden vibe. The weather played it’s part too, with kids running around the grounds , guests sipping Pimms, and eating macaroons all within the walls of the flowered garden.

Holly and Ash you were great to be around and photograph. Even when you thought you were off camera, the tenderness you showed each other was evident. The love the two of you have from others came through loud and clear in the speeches. Never before have I witnessed so many guests wanting to stand up and give a speech. Total testimony to the two of you. I was reluctant to leave the evening do as there was such a buzz on the dance floor with the tunes being played. Fab to watch.

Congratulations to the two of you xx


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