Nicola & Daryl

The day for Nicola and Daryl had finally arrived, they were to become husband and wife! I’d seen this journey developing for a good year or two and I knew how much it meant.

Nicola had chosen to start her day off at the couples home, engagement pictures of our time in Hunstanton were scattered around the house; lovely to see. She had her posse of bridesmaids with her plus the added bonus of a brides man who blended into the funny giggly mix perfectly. Nicola had scheduled the whole morning to build up to the bride ‘first look’ moment by keeping her dress, her hair and final look a surprise to all until she walked into the lounge. What a brilliant reaction! All shared  general amazement at how tiny Nicola’s waist was. It was an absolute picture! Marco my second shooter spent the morning with the Groom and his two best men photographing in and around a trendy city centre apartment . When we saw each other later we commented on the golden morning sunlight streaming in to our shots.

The service and reception were all held at the delightful Shearsby Bath. Nicola’s explicit timekeeping had been laughed about in the run up to the day and without fail she arrived at the venue well on time. Watches and clocks were being thoroughly examined as Nicola had arrived before some of Daryl’s close family who had got held up by a flat tyre! With Nicola waiting patiently in the car outside and a calm Daryl inside anticipating his brides arrival all ended up fine as everyone took their seats. Nicola really did look a million dollars when she finally walked down the aisle arm in arm with her Dad. A lovely entrance and service was followed by a relaxed drinks reception in the wonderfully lit conservatory.

The bride and groom along with their party did so well to brave the bitter cold air, the sun had disappeared and it was a chilling reminder that we were still in the winter months. Nicola and Daryl were great to photograph on their pre wedding shoot and their wedding day was no exception, we made the most of the tall trees in the grounds and the contrast of the interior of the grand room. Speeches, laughter, dancing, a few drinks and live music continued in abundance. I left the evening in full swing and it looked like it was going to be a fun night.

You compliment each other so well as a couple and have a great sense of togetherness. Thank you Nicola and Daryl for inviting us on your journey . . . we wish you a happy forever after. xx


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